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The Magic Garden Nursery and Landscape was created 23 years ago by Sandy Sarah and her horticulturist son, Tony. Armed with a lifetime of experience and a whole lot of elbow grease, they built it up from a small business with just a few plants, soils and fertilizers to the lush five-acre garden center it is today. The friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help you be successful with your current gardening endeavor. We are all passionate gardeners ourselves, so whether you want a tropical paradise or a native xeriscape garden we can help you make it happen. In addition to our 'magic garden', we also offer landscaping and irrigation services. This includes patio pavers, synthetic lawns, tree planting, and irrigation installation and repair.

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Just Arrived! Living Christmas Trees!

Christmas Cactus have arrived!

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



Arrived Today!


Eldarica Pines

The Eldarida Pine is a fast growing pine that is well-suited to the Southern Arizona and the
Sonoran Desert. O
nce established, It tolerates the heat and handles the cold as well. Our trees
are field grown in New Mexico and quickly shipped Tucson, where they are very
popular for use as a living Christmas tree. Some of our customers
return year after year, boasting about their growing collection of these
beautiful, naturally shaped trees.

Christmas Cactus

Our annual shipment of Christmas Cactus also arrived today. They come in
two, four and six inch pots, as well as in eight inch hanging baskets.
Colors include the traditional red, purple, pink, white
and occasionally yellow.