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The Magic Garden Nursery and Landscape was created 26 years ago by Sandy Sarah and her horticulturist son, Tony. The Sarah family has helped gardens grow like magic since 1966. Many changes have taken place over the years. 1996 saw a big change take place at the former location of Greenland Nursery, started by Tony's father, George. Armed with a lifetime of experience and a whole lot of elbow grease, Tony and Sandy built it up from a small business with just a few plants, soils and fertilizers to a lush five-acre garden center. We operated an an essential business during the Covid pandemic. We were there to help you create a tropical paradise or a desert-adapted xeriscape garden. In addition to our 'magic garden', we also offered landscaping and irrigation services. This included patio pavers, synthetic lawns, tree planting, and irrigation installation and repair. Tony spent much of his time creating and patenting his own organic fertilizer, Earth's Original Organics, aka 'Tony's Magic Mix'. Demand for his fertilizer has continued to grow and he's spending most of his time working out of the Phoenix area. Our neighbor to the east, DaVinci Tree Academy wanted to expand their school. The time seemed right, so we passed the torch to them to continue making awesome things happen to the property formerly known as the Magic Garden Nursery and Landscape. We haven't found a place to downsize to yet, but you can email gardening questions to We're happy to answer gardening questions. We're looking forward to announcing our next project when the time comes..

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