Grapes and Berries



Grapes have been a popular fruit producing vine in the Southwestern desert area. There are several areas south and east of Tucson are making a name for themselves with vineyards of wine grapes.  Varieties like the Concord grape will grow and produce better if they are planted where the winter is colder. We currently have approximately twelve varieties of grape in stock for your pleasure.

For many years, it was assumed that blueberries would not grow and thrive in the lower chill winters of the southwest deserts. Blueberries love an acid soil. Ours in generally very alkaline. The solution? Grow them in containers. There are now several varieties the produce well with low chill hours and some filtered sunlight.

Blackberries seem to handle our harsh climate and produce well. Raspberries are a  little more of a challenge. They both need a rich soil and shade.