Shade Trees

It is easy to spot folks that have spent a lot of time in Arizona. When looking for a parking spot in the summer time, they head for a shady spot under a tree. According the the Arizona Community Tree Council, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. And today is the second best time. Trees help moderate our climate, provide wildlife habitat, improve air quality and help conserve water by storing water and reducing storm run-off. They create microclimates that allow other plants, animals and humans to flourish in our harsh desert environment.

There are two types of trees, deciduous  and evergreen trees. Deciduous trees lose all their leaves at once in the fall and go to sleep for the winter. Even though you get a huge pile of leaves to lean up at one time, deciduous trees provide less mess than the evergreen type. That's because all leaves have a natural life cycle. When they're finished they drop off. This happens year round, so you always have some mess to clean up.

As an added bonus, some trees bloom